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Is Email Offer Legit?

Q. I’m selling ‘by owner’ and received an email asking me to open an attachment to ‘view the offer’, but the sender never saw my home. Is this legit?

A. Probably not. There is a huge number of scammers out there targeting the real estate industry with for sale by owners being a prime target. Our National Association of Realtors is urging consumers to be diligent regarding this type of email, as well as use caution when sending money as wire fraud in real estate is at an all time high. These hackers are persuasive and sophisticated whereby they set up a phony email address, impersonating either the title company, Realtor or lender, and send fraudulent wiring instructions to the consumer. We’ve had consumers fall for this scam and unknowingly wire funds to the criminal’s bank account. I recommend you refrain from placing any personal or financial information in an email, and never open an attachment if you don’t know the sender. Good luck with your sale.